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The café closed for the plot

The New Year came with quite a big change in Kulturfabrikken: the café closed. Due to this, however, I had the opportunity to take up many other activities. Creative activities were at the forefront here. For example, Soumia, Guna and I were now able to organise an open art workshop. This has already taken place twice so far and was a very nice evening each time. Both the people joining us in the picture factory and we had the opportunity to express ourselves in our art with all the utensils in Kulturfabrikken.

I’ve also gotten the opportunity to take part of some of Dorte’s art classes. Dorte is a children's art teacher here at Kulturfabrikken. There I can learn how to work with children in art while also trying out different art techniques.

Soumia, Maya and I were also taught how to work with a certain art press, where you put colour, leaves and flowers under an almost 200 degree machine and put the fabric over it. Afterwards you get a mirrored version of what was on the paper on a shirt or just some random cloth. It was really interesting, as I’ve never done something like it before.

I’m so glad I get to experiment with different art styles, while also getting to realize my art as I want, so I'm excited what the future holds for me!

See you in my next blog!