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The Beatles' season

Now I can really feel my favourite season coming: spring. And spring in Denmark means long days, a healthy alternation of sun and rain every half hour and cheerful Danes fishing – I could get used to this. 


A lot of my favourite events in this project have happened in the last month. Not only do I still find a lot of joy in the weekly “Canvas Playhouse”-Workshops, sewing workshops and Dorte’s art classes but there have also been quite a few one-off events.  


For example, the heavy metal concert in the beginning of March, which was the first one of it’s kind since my project started. Even working behind the bar, I could still enjoy the show and turn deaf from the music.  

Next, was March 8th: International Women’s Day! Soumia, Guna and I organized an event at Kulturfabrikken, with the simple goal of celebrating women. The evening consisted of feminist’s speeches, female artist’s music, food, an art piece showing all our favourite feminist icons and lots of talk about all kinds of politics. We decorated the café with flowers, posters and candles, all the stuff we love! It was easily one of my favourite things I’ve been part of in Kulturfabrikken and I’m extremely happy to have helped organize it. 

In one of the pictures it shows the beautiful art piece Katrine and Soumia made for the local church, which I helped put up. Not only was it a very fun experience but I was also very interested in seeing Nykøbing’s church. 

The latest event was our “Fredag’s Hygge Bar” - an evening full of games, music and laughter! Although, I did lose against Soumia at Chess (at least I won at Nine Men’s Morris) I had a lot of fun playing a board game called Partners with Soumia, Guna and Emil for the rest of the evening. 

I want to also brag about the fact that I can now fix the tire of a bike, a skill I was recently taught by Thomas. 


In between all these events, I had a week long holiday, which I spent in Innsbruck, where my grandma, brother and aunt live. It was nice to take a little break and see my family but I sure am glad to be back in Denmark! 


See you in my next blog!