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So long, Kulturfabrikken

My last month in Nykøbing, May, has made me fall in love with Denmark even more, which is why it’s even worse that I have to leave in the most beautiful season. Walking through Kulturfabrikken now, I feel incredibly nostalgic and sentimental, because I connect every single room, every spot in thee building to a certain situation or person. At least both of them are things that are not going anywhere. I’ll cherish all the incredible memories from this place and store them in a special part of my brain.
I spent my last weeks as an ESC volunteer organizing a panel workshop, where we painted the ceiling panels in the café. It was a lot of fun seeing so many people get creative and leave their mark in form of plafonds.
In the last Canvas Playhouse workshops I took part in, I focused on finishing all the painting I started in the span of these nine months. On multiple occasions I was compared to a mass production factory of art...I’ll take it.
On top of all the usual activities, I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing hip hop concert in Kulturfabrikken. It was the evening, where we combined the Fredagshyggebar with the concert, so we spent the hours before the concert playing chess and card games.
Soumia and I made the road trip to the Dodekalitten, which every volunteer does once (at least from what I was told). I couldn’t ask for a better passenger, as my dear roommate not only works great as a navigator but also as a DJ (“Road trippin’ with my [two] favourite allies...”).
First and foremost, my experience in Kulturfabrikken distinguishes itself through all the remarkable people I’ve met and will hopefully know for the rest of my life. I’m most grateful for all the stuff I've learned here and will take all of it with me to the next chapter in my life.