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New Year in Denmark

Hi everyone! The last blog ended with me writting about my return to Denmark after spending in Italy the last part of Christmas holidays. As I came back I really noticed how days were finally getting longer and, if, from a point of view, it made me feel more energetic and positive, on the other hand, that was also the signal that my cycle here was about to close, reminding me how I should use all the time I have left.  Anyways, January has been a month of preparation. We really didn't take part in some specific activity but we got ready specifically for the "Jazz Night" and for the workshops that took place at Kulturfabrikken during the Winter holiday week in February. However sometimes it's great to follow a standard routine and just have the possibility to share it with someone, like I am doing with Deborah and all the Kulturfabrikken staff.   Like I said before, February started with the "Jazz Night" Saturday 4th. Two music groups performed here at Kulturfabrikken creating an enjoyable and relaxing environment where, personally, I spent time by managing the café zone with my colleague Ulla. Another news has been the start of my first lesson of the english course with Gillian(my teacher), for which I really have to say thank you to my boss Mette. That was very helpful and I am sure it will be great experience. From the 13th to 19th, a lot of workshop and activities have been organized. I want to mention the creative clothes-painting workshop organized by Guna with help from Deborah and the family concert that took place at Kulturfabrikken. I personally was in charge of the pop up Mini sports worskshop. It took place during two days - Tuesday and Wednesday -  during the Winter Holiday week. However the process behind that started weeks before; First, I came up with the general idea and its practical development, then I decided what kind of materials I need and researched where to get them from ,and finally, I shared this information with  Mette in order to understand if I have the budget for the ideas I had imagined. Once I got the confirmation, the process moved on from the theory to the practice and I spent a lot of days trying to assemble sports constructions and materials, and I also had to arrange the Activity room, where the workshop took place. More specifically, kids were supposed to have 30 total attempts to “score” in 3 different mini sports(Football, Bowling and Basketball)  After counting the total score of each participant, the kids who got the highest scores could win one of the 6 special gift cards, and afterwards use them at Kulturfabrikkens café. Those Café giftcards in particular increased their enthusiasm making the competion more engaging and fun. Everything went good and It's been great to have the possibility to organize something based on my own ideas, even though none of that could have happened without the help from Deborah, Guna, Mette and my other colleagues. That was all about these months. March is arriving and Spring is just around the corner. I really can't wait to start living the only season I didn't experience here yet and I hope you'll stay tuned to know more about me in the next ESC blog! See you soon!