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My Farewell to Kulturfabrikken

As my time with ESC at Kulturfabrikken has come to an end, I find myself reflecting on the whirlwind of situations, connections, and self growth that have defined this chapter of my life. 
In the final month of my volunteering project, I had the privilege of collaborating closely with my roomie and fellow volunteer, Magdalena, as we organized her personal workshop: The Panel Workshop. Together (with her mind and my support 😉), we dig on the task of transforming the café's ceiling panels into vibrant works of art. From cleaning and preparing the panels to organizing a huge number of materials, we poured our hearts into ensuring the workshop's success. The two-day execution was a testament to our dedication and creativity, as we laughed, painted, and bonded with participants who shared our passion for art and community. This once again demonstrates that the two of us are capable of achieving tasks independently, and the success of the panel workshop serves as the definitive confirmation of this.
Outside of workshop preparations, Magdalena and I embarked on a trip to Dodekalitten, relishing in the freedom of the open road and each other's company. With each passing moment, my love and admiration for Magdalena continues to grow. Whether it was her confident driving or my off key singing, every moment shared between us was an adventure to cherish.
During this month, we were also joined by Sofie, a dear friend whose infectious laughter and bright spirit brought joy to even the most boring tasks. Together, we tackled everything from emptying GUR boxes to setting up for workshops, sharing laughter and jokes along the way.
While my time here may be ending, I carry with me the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the memories made. As I started to look ahead to life after the project, I do so with optimism and a renewed sense of purpose. I look forward on finding a new chapter where I can evolve, make meaningful contributions, and fall in the warmth of genuine and real appreciation, knowing that I am valued not just for my task force, but also for the depth of my opinions, a sentiment I didn't always experience.
Though our paths may diverge, the impact of this experience will stay with me forever.
With gratitude and fond memories,