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Min danske sommer

So, in the last blog I talked about how covid was for me and what I didn’t specify was that in the first week of July I was still sick. So it took me another week or 2 to fully recover.

As I am writing this I still feel like I don’t have my old energy back. 

I feel tired easily and I find it harder to wake up in the morning, though this might be because it’s summer.

Talking about summer, Danish summers are very different from what I am used to. Back home it’s usually 35 degrees in July, but this year specifically we’re having a never ending heat wave with terrible consequences to our rivers and nature. 

I’m very saddened by what’s happening in my region and I am ever so glad to not have to deal with the heat.

I am also glad because I could go back to work. I really missed interacting with other people and being able to go outside. 

This meant that I could also go back to my tasks for the house opening. It’s the 8th of October and we’re going to celebrate the newly built offices.

I am in charge of designing a new toilet sign for the cafe, name tags for the new doors and creating a guest book to put in the new entrance.

As of right now I am done with the toilet sign. It’s going to be burned into a specific wood and hung from the ceiling. Guna kindly helped me find a person who could do it for me, all I had to do was draw my idea and send it to him. 

I will share my drawings and hopefully in the next blog I will be able to show you the final product! I am so excited! I really do hope the skaters will like it because it’s my way to show my new found appreciation for skating and for them.

Next on the list is the name tags. I am still working on them, since a lot of people are on vacation and have not a say on what will be on their doors.

This was so far the most stressful task, because graphics are not my strong suit and it’s hard to find an idea that everybody will like. They also might become stickers and that is something that I have never worked with, so I am excited to find out what kind of process goes into it. 

For now I will not share my ideas, since they might change by next week. All that I can tell you is that they’re going to be colorful and fun to look at.

Last but not least, the book! During the pandemic in 2020 I was really bored so I taught myself how bookbinding works. I am happy to say that this skill has become useful once again! 

This is the biggest book that I have ever created and it has required a lot of organising beforehand. Even if I am confident in creating books, it’s not the same when it’s for someone else, let alone such an important event. The pressure is getting to me a little bit, also because the process is really long and it requires precision and most of all: concentration.

For references, this book took me 2 days to make (you also have to remember to wait for the glue to dry and flattening the pages). So you can only imagine how much it will take me for a book that’s bigger than my laptop.

I can’t wait to finish these projects and start working on a workshop with the new volunteer!

Yes, we have found a new volunteer. His name is Alessandro and comes from Lodi, Italy. 

He will arrive on the 8th of August and we will share 4 months of the project. You will find out more about him in his first blog :)

See you soon!