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Kelly and Michelle waiting for Beyoncé to arrive

This past month has been all about preparing Kulturfabrikken and ourselves for Christmas. As these things go, the minute Halloween was over we tossed pumpkins and candles and hung up fairy lights and tree ornaments. This gave me the opportunity to use my video editing “skills” for the first time at Kulturfabrikken. I made a short edit of the whole team putting up Christmas decorations and posted it on Facebook and Instagram in the beginning of December. I love getting lost in the process of videography, so I hope I’ll get to do it more in the future! Other than that, Soumia made me listen to the whole Destiny’s Child-Christmas-Album on a loop while brutally kicking my ass at snowball fights.


All the hours of preparation were worth it as Jul på Fabrikken was an extremely fun event! Soumia and I baked our specialties from Italy and Austria and gave them away to everyone stopping by the café. Gladly we weren’t stuck at the café the whole day, as we were invited to look at all the workshops going on in Kulturfabrikken. At Guna’s photography corner we recreated a famous painting of Virgin Mary holding Jesus’ dead body on her lap, together with our beloved teddybear – him being Jesus (obviously), Soumia as Mary and me as a praying mourner. After that we visited the picture factory to sculpt candlesticks out of clay. A day of stressful work definitely required a soothing activity like that!  


And a little update on my Danish: I now go to language school three times a week and, so far, it’s been really helpful. More so in the way that I can now write simple texts in Danish, neglecting my pronunciation practice a bit, but I think it’s a start. Also, I get along quite well with some of my classmates, so school is actually fun! 


Now Kulturfabrikken will be on Christmas holiday, but we'll see each other in 2024!