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Hello everyone and welcome back to my fourth ESC blog!

December really flew quickly and I am so happy to have lived and experimented the real danish Christmas tradition. It could be needless to say that we spent all the month trying to organize, in the best way possible, the annual Christmas event called " Jul på Kulturfabrikken ". It was celebrated Saturday 17th  and about 200 people came. We are really proud of the way the things have been. Deborah and I cooked some Italian biscuits and snacks. We weren't so sure about the result initially but when visitors of the event asked for the recipe we understood we did a good job. I also have to mention the success of Guna's photo workshop, where people had the opportunity to take a picture of themselves with a great Christmas background for free. And there was great restaurant service, where a lot of Æbleskiver were prepared by the Kulturfabrikken staff!
I forgot to talk about my ESC mid term training, unfortunately, the last one. I really spent great 4 days in Copenaghen with other volunteers and we built up even a better relationship. The 13th we saw the Santa Lucia celebration at Nyhavn and it will be something I'll always bring with me in my future life. The christmas month in Denmark ended with my return to Italy, where I spent  about two weeks.  I had the opportunity to meet my family and friends again and celebrate Christmas day and the end of the year with them.

Time flies and at this point the biggest part of my project experience here has already gone by, and I hope to enjoy the last 4 months as great as I did the first 5.

See you in the next ESC blog!