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Hello everyone!

As some of you know my name is Alessandro, I am 21 years old and I come from Italy. I am going to spend next 9 months in Denmark as an ESC volunteer at the culture house called Kulturfabrikken.

August was my first month here in Denmark. In just about 24 days I was involved in several activities and projects that I will try to summarise for you here in my first article.

At the beginning I arrived at Kulturfabrikken where Mette and Marie told me about the place. There I also met the other colleagues and all of them were very kind and welcoming. I was really surprised by the size of the skate hall and obviously by the abilities of the skaters, some of whom I met during my first 3 weeks of cafè shifts.

Initially it was a little difficult to understand how the cash register works but every day I feel more comfortable and I am still in a learning process that will bring me, in the last weeks of September, to be able to manage the cafè and closing on my own.

I also organised my first workshop - the juice workshop, during which a lot of kids had a lot of fun, at the same time stimulating their creativity and staying very healthy. This was my first workshop and I really loved it and I am already thinking about the next one. In fact, on the 30th of September there will be a mask workshop. We got ahead creating our own masks and the best is yet to come!

Next adventure I'm going to take part in is the Arrival training and I am really excited to have the possibility to meet other volunteers around Denmark and feel even more enriched.

I will tell you more in my next blog!

See you! :)

 - Alesssandro