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Finding my inner Edvard Munch?

In this blog I will focus a bit more on the creative work I’ve done since coming to Denmark, seeing as my personal goal of my stay was to explore my art.  


My very first project in Kulturfabrikken was the Book Swap, which has been standing in the entrance of the building ever since. Sadly, most of the books are in Danish, so I don’t really get to read them... 

Shortly after that I started making the most durable art piece I’ve ever attempted, the mannequin. And I’m only mentioning this here, because I just recently finished it. I’ve, of course, thought about destroying it now, due to my growing hate towards it throughout the process. But I won’t. It does look quite pretty, standing there in the entrance, welcoming people. 

The open workshop, which had been going on in January, is now making it’s comeback and we’re all extremely excited for it, as we there get the opportunity to also make art. The original name, Canvas Playhouse, has now slightly faded in the background, but for me it will always carry that name, because it’s just so funky. 

As I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve also been participating in Dorte’s art classes, which, even though it’s for children, challenges me in very many ways to create pieces I normally probably wouldn’t even attempt. It is a sort of art class I kind of always wished to have as a child, where the teacher doesn’t tell me what to do, but gives me the right amount of inspiration to try new stuff. 

During Jul på Fabrikken, Soumia and I discovered a certain liking towards fast drying clay, so we decided to make our own clay workshop in the winter holidays. The main example of this was pencil cups but during the actual workshop we were very keen on creating ashtrays and incense holders. That week on Tuesday we spontaneously decided to also make a painting workshop, providing all needed materials and letting people get creative, much like Canvas Playhouse. 

Right now I’m not really on something specific. I more so just paint whatever I feel like, which is mostly a combination of photorealism and expressionism, although I’m still quite bad at the latter. Another big part of my Denmark art has been comic inspired drawings, which I simply like to call “situations”. It’s not the easiest to explain, mostly because I don’t know the official term for it, so I won’t get into that- 


I’m, through my project, slowly overcoming the fear of my own abilities, and I know it has been half a year, but it’s a process that I won’t be finished with even way after me leaving Nykøbing.