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Elizas Påske-Æg workshop - Tak og farvel

Elizas Egg-colouring workshop

Eliza: Before Easter holidays we managed to catch up and try some egg colouring according to my childhood traditions – with flowers in onion peels – natural and very beautiful.

We picked up flowers and leaves in different colours, we peeled onions and we came together for the last workshop in this combination – because I’m going home on 24th of April😊 ( I´m leaving project due to some personal reasons)

The technique is demanding some creativity and patience. Take an egg, choose your favourite flower, a thread, and get started! Tie the flowers to the eggs with thread – be careful – the egg still is raw. After eggs are decorated with flowers then put them in boiling onion-peel-water and wait for the tasty beauty to be ready.

And also I want to say thank you to all beautiful people I met during my stay in Denmark, this definitely is one of the most interesting experiences. I’m very happy and thankful for this opportunity and hope that this is not my last time in Denmark!
 - Eliza