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Cafe Gone, Workshops On!

So, guess what? 

Last month, Kulturfabrikken made some big changes: the café closed! But hey no worries, Magdalena and I decided it's time to spice things up and dive into something new.

We kicked off with Canva’s Playhouse open workshop, and it's a riot! We're flinging open Kultur's doors, tossing around art supplies, and telling everyone to forget the rules. It's all about letting loose, getting creative, and having a blast.

This week we also had a private workshop with Anne V.  showed us how the pressing machine works using nature, ink and textile , this combos together leads to amazing art pieces!

And wait for it, we're cooking up some wild winter holiday workshops. The details are on progress for now, but trust us, it's going to be epic. We're talking cozy vibes, art, and a whole lot of creative activities.

Change hit us, but at Kulturfabrikken, we're turning it into one heck of a party. 

Stay tuned for the fun ride ahead! 🎉