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3. Måned i Danmark - Voksende Vennekreds

3rd month in Denmark - new encounters

May has been quite different from the last few months. First of all I went to the arrival training in Copenhagen and met all the other volunteers in Denmark.

It lasted five days and it was really intense. We had a really tight schedule full of bonding activities and useful exercises for our respective program. We also hung out after, which gave us even more opportunities to bond and exploring such a cool city with equally cool people will be a memory that I will always cherish.

I’m really looking forward to meeting them again in the next training, which will be in August.

But the best part is that there were two guys from Nykøbing! Really happy to have somebody in the same program as me in the same town.

But before the arrival training I went to the summer festival in Nykøbing! Let me tell you, the Danes party in a different way. It was in this huge tent and as soon as you entered it you were gifted with a Hawaiian garland to put you in a summer mood (even if for my standards it was early spring). 

They played only danish songs and everybody stood up in their chairs to sing them; if somebody shouted “skål” you would see everybody drink whatever was in their glass.

It was truly a summer festival, minus the sun but you can’t ask for that much in May. It will get better in July apperently, I will let you know!

I also started going to language school. I’m only at the basics and I can say a few sentences with a French accent weirdly enough (my Belgian side is coming through but I don’t know why).

Danish is not the easiest thing to learn, but if you know English things will be way easier for you because they share many words in common. The problem is when you have to say them out loud, spoiler alert, it’s never like it’s written. 

Once again, I will keep you updated with it.

Lastly, my sister came to Denmark and I went on vacation with her! We stayed in Copenhagen for 3 days and we spent 4 days in Falster/Lolland. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best weather but we managed to see a lot anyway. The rain gave us an excuse to visit musuems (like we really needed one). I 100% recommend Glyptotek, especially on Tuesdays because it’s free for everybody. 

The structure of the museum in itself is amazing and the Danish/French sculpture section was absolutely breathtaking.

We also went up on the Rundetaarn, visited the Kastellet and the statue of the little mermaid, saw the library, the historical part of the town, the castles and the parks when the weather allowed it.

Back in Nykøbing the weather didn’t get any better so we didn't visit as much as we did in Copenhagen. 

Mette kindly took us on a trip to Lolland and we saw a bit of Maribo and Dodekalitten. She even showed us the seaside near her house. It was such a lovely time and after 3 days of walking in the city it was refreshing to spend some time in nature.

Of course we couldn’t skip the Middleagecentre! And since now I know some volunteers who work there it was even better. Everybody is in historical costumes and it’s like going back through time. The weekend is the best time to visit because they have all kinds of events and you really need the full day to enjoy it at its best. It’s totally worth it and if you come here as a volunteer when you apply for your CPR number you can get a ticket for free as a welcome gift from the municipality.

Even if I didn’t have that many events at Kultur this month has been equally intensive. 

It’s weird now being back in the cafe, it feels like I have to learn almost everything again just like when I started in march. 

Anyway, this is it for this month! I’m sure June will be as busy as always, can’t wait to keep you updated!