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November blog

Another month passed, winter is coming and surprisingly I am surviving through the Danish cold weather so far! :) 


Other than cafe shifts and meetings, this month, Guna, Marie, Ester( who had an internship for one week here) and me spent most of our time for the movie night preparation.

We really worked a lot for this project that took place at Kulturfabrikken  Friday the 25th of November. Our goal was to create the right atmosphere for skaters who usually hang out at our place. Because of it, we chose to watch a movie about skating right after some grilled food and snacks we prepared and shared together. At the end, everyone enjoyed that night and despite the effort we have been really satisfied about how things went! Special credits go to Marie who put all her energy into her last project; Movie night, indeed, come out from her mind as well as all the leaflets and facebook advertisement. I really enjoyed spending all this time with her, both professionally and humanly and for sure I will miss her during the second half of my journey!


Furthermore, another volunteer joined Marie and Me here at Nykøbing. Her name is Deborah and I'm really glad I'm going to spend my next 5 months here with her! 


Next adventure will be the Mid Term Traning I'll have in Copenaghen with my last volunteer mates. I'm looking forward to meet them again and I will tell more about it in my next ESC blog!

See you soon!