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My ESC Adventures of the Month

Thinking about my ESC project journey… the mid-term training in Copenhagen was a special moment. Meeting up with friends from the arrival training felt great and made our ESC group even more united.

The trainers organized activities that were interesting and discussions that got me thinking. They helped clear up my doubts about my project and gave me good advice to take back to KulturFabrikken. Exploring Copenhagen's nightlife together added a fun touch to our time there. I already miss all of them, hopefully we’ll meet again before my project ends :( 


During the Winter Holidays, Magdalena and I led a workshop. It was cool to run our own activity the whole week, making clay cups with the community, starting from kids to older folks. We worked a lot on this, from gathering the idea to guiding the activity and counting that these days were really intense for us  since we had not only to run our owns but also help on setting up/cleanup on others workshops at the end of the week.

It was a challenge but we managed to do everything as best as we could, and at the end of the day a lot of people showed up and the smile and sweet words of each one of them made it worth it! 


Winter Holiday although was really fun! The team in the cafe made an amazing job making different types of DELICIOUS soup and focaccia ( that I went and stole from time to time :P ). Our sweet Mette spent some time to show us her secret recepie for the focaccia, which I was super focused on during the whole explanation, I also tried a couple of times to replicate it at home and it was a success! Even if it wasn´t as delicious as hers...

Seeing everyone’s mood change and the energy and effort that the team put up was amazing!


Passing Modul 1 of Danish language school was a big deal for me. Last summer, I only knew two words, and now I can have a small conversation in Danish! I started in September and today I can finally say: I got my certificateeee!!!!

And my sweet colleagues surprised Magdalena and me yesterday with a gift to celebrate our success in the exam <3


Looking forward, I'm excited to keep growing and making a positive impact through my ESC project. Each experience, from training to language improvements, is helping me become a better and kinder person. Can't wait to see what happens in the remaining months of my ESC adventure!