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Goodbye Denmark!

Hello everyone! April marked the end of my ESC volunteering in Denmark and this will be my last blog! From exploring Danish culture to strengthening connections with people around me, it's been a bittersweet month that I am eager and excited to share with you.I would start with the trip to Dodekalitten, on Saturday, the 22th, that I shared together with Mette, Guna and Deborah. Since we arrived we faced a charming and peaceful environment lit up by a great sunny day. After entering into the wood and searching for a flower ”Blå Anemone”. Then the circle structure of Dodekalitten stones appeared in front of us. The design and the setting sparks a connection with the nature and, moreover, sounds of ancient fantasy coming from under the ground, giving the sense of timelessness. It was great having the possibility to discover a new part of Denmark and especially share this experience with my colleagues with whom, afterwards, I also enjoyed a good lunch with really deep debates like  - what´s the difference between pigeons and doves.Two days after, at Kulturfabrikken a creative workshop took place where, with a special thermal flower press we could create our own customized fabric. It started with a short description of the steps to follow and then with the selection of flowers and plants. After painting a paper that would have represented the fabric color background it was the press time. Heat and pressure contributed to imprint the botanical shapes inside the fabric thus giving birth to stunning and unique designs. Personally, it was a pleasure to tickle my fantasy through this experiment and the fabric I created will always be one of the many memories I will bring with me down the road.But now I fear it's time for goodbyes; my time here has been a whirlwind of emotions, filled with exiting adventures, personal growth and new friendships. I want to thank everyone who has made my experience here unforgettable, the Kulturfabrikken staff to whom I will always be grateful. I will miss Denmark and the memories I have made here that I will cherish for a lifetime. Last but not least let me thank you readers who spent your time with my ESC blogs, it was a true pleasure.PS: I passed my Danish basic language test, so it seems fair enough to me ending with a big:Tusind tak til alle!