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Denmark: you'll always have a part of me!

Ooh, my heart cries a bit, realizing that this is my last blog!

Summer camp was - as always - a wonderful and regenerating adventure. It was pleasant to be back in Italy to do one of my favourite things: being with kids and making them have a fun and deep experience in a stunning mountain valley. This year I also handled a new challenge: I've been working with a new group of younger entertainers with no experience in being with kids, and it was inspiring to listen and follow their ideas while teaching them how to deal with specific situations. Two weeks weren't enough to get used again to living in Italy, but for sure they were enough to make me miss Denmark!

Shortly after I was back, my parents came here to visit me. They were amazed by the lovely people I'm surrounded by everyday, and they were impressed by all of what Kulturfabrikken is. They got to see as much as possible: I was happy to show them all of the places I've been to and that became my everyday life for the past 9 months - in Nykøbing, Copenhagen, but also Marielyst and Hæsnes.

In these last weeks, I have been taking the time to just enjoy the last bits of life in Denmark, trying to get the best out of the few days I still have here. My main goal has been focusing on how this project was, rather than planning new activities: I really felt like I needed a break, and it was nice that I could take my time to highlight who I've become, what tasks I succeeded in, what goals I achieved, and what issues I've been struggling with - and that I managed to solve.

However, if I think too much about these past months I truly get emotional! Not only for how many incredible adventures I've experienced here, but also for the amazing people I got to know and got to spend time with.

My colleagues, who I worked with everyday at this great culture place and were always available for a piece of advice, a nice word, or a talk.
The art teachers, who I helped in the most different activities and inspired me in so many ways.
The skaters, who I wouldn't say that I built a real friendship with, but who I've enjoyed looking at when they land stunning trick or are simply cruising around. The little scooters, always so energetic and focused that sometimes they even forget to wear their gear... and then rushed to us asking for a plaster, an ice pack or a lollipop.
My other volunteer friends I met at the ESC trainings, who showed me different ways to face volunteering life according to their own experiences and who I spent the best time with (even in some remote places in Denmark); my ESC colleagues Marie, Alessandro and Soumia, who I shared this crazy experience with, and who taught so much about Kulturfabrikken, about Denmark and about myself.
Guna, my mentor, who has been a friend from the very first second of our relationship, and who kept doing her best job and treating me as a person of value and whose help and affection I will treasure forever.
Mette, my leader, who is the most inspiring person I've ever met in my life and who taught me so much about work, life, and human relationships.

There are so many other breathtaking human beings I had the chance to meet in this magnificent country, and I am so grateful for every single one of them. I can't even grasp everything I'm feeling right now. I will probably do it in some months, when I will have a better overview on what I have been living.

Sadly, I must confess I didn't learn how to kickflip as I wished (do you remember my first blog? Haha) - but I don't see that as a failure: I know it will take long, and I'm just happy that now I have my own board and that I'm keeping on practicing. On the other hand, Cecilie, my dance teacher, invited me to the first lesson of the new year at Jules dance school, and it was really nice to learn my last choreography here with my "old" group.

I also had the chance to experience some last fun moments in this crazy August: I used my priviledge of training in the skate hall when Kultur is closed, I took a bus to reach Stege and see more danish places and towns, I went for a walk to discover new neighbourhoods, I swam (finally) with Guna here in Nykøbing - and even though we were afraid of the cold water, it turned out to be warmer than expected and we had the greatest time. All of this helped to create the last memories of my already extraordinary and mindblowing project.

Well, now my Youthpass is done and reviewed, I had a little party with Kulturfabrikken crew and some of the youngsters, and I'm officially saying goodbye: it's all but easy, but I'm also ready to see what my life will be from now on.

Remember me, and take care of this place - I'll come back to check on you!! :)


Tons tons tons of love, vi ses snart!
Debbie <3


PS: I got to read all my past blogs again, and noticed I never updated you about the metal concert of March 31st - worst mistake ever! I'll just spend two words about that: it was one of the best night I spent at Kulturfabrikken, Guna and I went crazy in the pit and hyped the audience to mosh, and did our job (she was at the bar and I was taking pictures) while headbanging the whole time :) we really felt we were in our own habitat! And I'm also quite proud of the pics I took that night :)