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3rd month in Denmark

Hi everyone! It's already been almost 3 months since I arrived here in Denmark and during the time after my first article a lot of things happened. I will be excited to update you here below about the main activities and projects that come out so far! 


I should start talking about the masks workshop during which a lot of kids had the opportunity to use their creativity and skills to create their own mask. The project, organized by Kulturfabrikken, took place in the Nykøbing library the 30th of September and I really loved spending time with my colleagues Marie, Guna and Susanne by helping children and also by creating our personal masks. 


After that day, all the Kulturfabrikken staff, had suddenly to be focused and ready about the Opening day organization but all the works has paid off and the 8th of October was a successful day! A lot of activities were organized during that day and a lot of Nykøbing Falster citizens were involved. Personally, with Guna and Marie, I organized the juice workshop that, for this time, happens in the meeting room. Even if we expected a bit more people, everything was completely nice. We had the opportunity to work with 3 juicers and a lot of different fruits and vegetables. In the evening I also spent some time being at the bar serving people that assisted to the concert. It was really engaging and at the end of the day all of us were tired but mostly satisfied for how we managed all the situations. 


That's it so far but I already can't wait to share you more about this journey in my next ESC blog!

- Alessandro :)